Minoan Air Used to fly from London Oxford to Dublin and Edinburgh

Minoan Air started in September 2011 and George Mavrantonakis, who helped start Sky Express, helped start it too.

They got a permit to fly on December 30, 2011, and their first airport was Heraklion International Airport. In June 2012, they started flying a plane in Spain to carry tourists for Good Fly.

In July 2012, Minoan Air began flying all year round from Heraklion to Kos and Rhodes and sometimes to Mytilene and Santorini.

They loaned one of their planes to Flyglinjen in October/November 2012. Minoan Air planned to open two new airports outside of Greece in January 2013: London Oxford Airport and Lugano Airport.

They flew from London Oxford to Dublin and Edinburgh, and from Lugano to Rome-Fiumicino and Vienna until August 2013 when they stopped flying from Lugano. They have focused on flying in Greece since then.

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