Gene Simmons gets sick during KISS concert in Brazil

Gene Simmons gets sick during the KISS concert : During a Kiss show in Brazil, Gene Simmons and the rest of the band had to stop playing for about five minutes because Simmons was sick.

Simmons could be seen in videos shared on social media asking the crowd to “hold on” because he had to stop and sit down because of his health. He told the crowd that he knew they liked him, but he was sick.

Then he suggested they all shout Gene’s name aloud to show how much they liked and supported him. Ultimately, he counted down, and the crowd cheered loudly, Gene!

Later, Gene Simmons wrote on Twitter that he was fine and thanked everyone. He also said he felt weak because he wasn’t drinking enough water. “We stopped for about five minutes, I drank some water, and then everything was fine,” he said. Nothing important. Tomorrow, Bogota Stadium. There you are!

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The End of the Road World Tour is still going on for Kiss. It started on January 31, 2019, and will end on December 2, 2023. They have several concerts planned in places like Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Plymouth, Dresden, Detroit, and Edmonton, among others.

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