Spirit Airline Stocks crashed after Jetblue Murger Blocked

Spirit Airline Stocks

On January 16, a decision from a US district court prohibited the $3.8 billion acquisition of low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines by JetBlue Airways. The court, situated in the District of Massachusetts, supported the federal government’s stance, asserting that the proposed transaction would breach the Clayton Act—a crucial antitrust law established to safeguard consumers from the … Read more

Catholic Hospitals’ attorney reacts to Win against Biden Admin’s ‘Shocking’ Threats to force closures

Catholic Hospitals' attorney

In a recent legal battle between the Catholic Church and the Biden administration, the Catholic Hospitals’ attorney has come out on top. The administration had threatened to force the closure of Catholic hospitals if they did not comply with a mandate to perform gender-transition surgeries, but a federal court has ruled in favor of the … Read more